About Me

  • Currently employed as a Full Stack Software Developer for Bearing Point Ireland.

  • Postgraduate of a MSc. Degree in Creative Digital Media, achieving a First Class (1.1) Degree.

  • Undergraduate of a Bachelor's (Hons) in Computing, achieving a First Class (1.1) Degree.

  • Years of professional programming experience in the core languages of Java and C#.

  • Years of technical experience in the following languages and frameworks JavaScript (Angular & React), PHP, Spring & Maven.

  • Years of experience a cross different teams working in Agile Software Development.


Technical Skills

  • 5+ Years’ experience with Unity (C#)

  • 4+ Years of professional experience with Java & C#.

  • 2+ Years’ experience with Unreal Engine (C++)

  • 2+ Years’ professional experience in the following frameworks JavaScript (Angular & React), PHP, Spring, Maven and Node.js.

  • 2+ Years’ experience in SQL scripting and performance triaging.

  • 5+ Years’ of professional experience working in Agile environments & teams


Career History

Full Stack Software Developer

June 2019 – Present

  • Currently working as a full stack developer on SEPA Payment Provider system in a micro-service environment. This system is being designed as a Spring Boot Application using the restful API architecture.

  • Designed, proposed and implemented a Data Generation tool after explaining the benefits it would provide to management for a number of the in-house testers in order to help with their manual data creation. This tool was built as a Node.js application.

  • Worked on a large-scale upgrade project for the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs as a full stack developer. Implementing a system wide redesign that would allow anyone to apply for an Irish Passport online. This project was a Maven & Spring Boot Application. While this project was ongoing my duties also included:

Augmented Reality Software Developer

Jan 2019 – March 2019

  • Designed, proposed and implemented an Augmented Reality (AR) application for imprinting / overlaying unique pattern designs over real-world objects using a self-build image recognition database.

  • Developed using C#, Unity & Vuforia

Associate Faculty - Lecturer

Mar 2018 – May 2019

  • Taught and developed theory and practical content for over 200 students at the National College of Ireland in the fields of software engineering, cloud gaming and data analytics. As well as volunteering to be a learning and support tutor, helping students improve their software development skills through one on one and group-based sessions.

  • Developed content & taught module content for 3rd level education, modules taught:

    • Introduction to Data Analytics

    • Software Engineering

    • Cloud Gaming

    • Object Oriented Software Engineering

Graduate Database Software Engineer

August 2016 – June 2017

  • Worked on a large-scale customer upgrade, developing and performance testing the largest upgrade ever done at Fineos.

  • Maintained & provided enchantments to the backend databases systems for both customer and in-house environments, through various means:

    • Performing SQL triage on long running scripts, to improve speed and performance

    • Perform and test upgrades from different versions, rewriting / fixing scripts along the way. These upgrades where done using ANT, in order to help automate the process.

    • Provide & Design solutions for common databases (Oracle, DB2 & SQL Server) problems both for the customer & in-house

  • Worked day to day with systems such as Linux and Windows Server 2008 & 2012 (Great knowledge of commands for both systems)

  • Knowledge of QlikView Developer and Sever (BI Technology)

  • Acted as Scrum Master for my team in an agile format, duties include:

    • Jira Management

    • Producing reports on performance for the end of sprint (2-week cycles)

    • Assisting in planning the teams time


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